Blankestijn's Pet Farm B.V.


Blankestijn's Pet Farm B.V. is active in the international bird trading as exporter and wholesaler since 1954. Thanks to years of experience and faithful clientele, we can share our love for birds with bird lovers all over the world. So are you looking for that special species of birds? And do you value perfect quality, beautiful color and honest translation of your order? Then you have reached the company you are looking for.


Rainbow or Fairy lorry



You, as today's customer, would like to see your wishes, down to the smallest detail, come through. For this reason we work entirely without livestock. You send your order electronically, after which we start the search for the birds you wish for. In order to keep to our high quality standards, we have a network of preferred suppliers, who work by our quality standards.


Swift parakeets

Permits and Transportation


After receiving the required permits we will take care of transportation. To accomplish this we personally fabricate all crates, which we have transported in many occasions by the trustworthy airline company KLM and are according to IATA rules. We always strive to follow precise procedures, especially because we are working with living stock.


Scot fancy canarie



Are you curious if Blankestijn's Pet Farm B.V. can make your wishes come through? Do you have questions in response to this website or the services we can provide? Please do not hesitate to contact us. We prefer to correspond in English. Also we would like to invite you to search trough our website for more additional information and also some impression pictures of birds we have exported over time.


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Blankestijn's Pet Farm B.V.